Scandinavian style house

White combined with wood is never disappointing. Bevelled jamb of the first floor windows is a dominant exterior element of this house. This element primarily secures more sunshine but it also makes the architectonic impression of the house interesting. From the technical point of view, it is made by tooth from bricks supplemented by polystyrene which creates oblique surface. Easy and...

New building of tennis hall

Tennis hall was a huge project. Tennis centre required indoor court with auditorium and facilities. The result of our design office was a plan of tennis area dominant. We played a lot with the design of the hall. Elements placed obliquely on the facade evoked the impression of a tennis net. This project also took part in a few competitions such as Dřevěná stavba roku (Wooden building of the year) where it ended in the group of first...

New building of museum

The big project of the historical museum was very interesting. The investor required space for the team-building game on the ground floor. The game is about a group of people who should look for keys in the rooms and get over obstacles and puzzlers to the finish. The team should entertain and unite together. There is a historical museum of totalitarian periods on the ground floor and offices on the first floor. The building used to be a soldier's quarters. So it was a reconstruction of the uninhabited buil

Study of bungalow and its orientation to cardinal points

We dealt with the study in Staročernsko where it was necessary, as it is in all studies, to think up precisely the disposition so that the amount of sunshine was ideal. Sunshine creates processes in the human body which are necessary for healthy functioning. The rooms where a person does not spend time must be placed on the place where there is the least sunshine and vice versa. Here is the list of all rooms together with an explanation where they should be ideally placed and why: Garage, technical room, b

Yoga centre with hairdresser's

The house is divided into three main parts. The first one is located on the ground floor in the street part. There is a hairdresser's here which is lightened by big windows oriented to the street. Windows have a marketing purpose as well and they fulfil the function of a shop window.  The second part is on the first floor above the hairdresser's. There are a cosmetic salon and facilities for yoga centre (changing rooms, bathroom). The last part is located in a spacious gym where yoga itself will be done. I

Office building

Extension of offices to an already existing house. The project made on the basis of materials of architectonic studio OBA2 was technically demanding. The extension itself was not really complicated, the problem appeared when we started dealing with the current building foundation. It was necessary to check if it will be sufficient. The ascertainment was not positive. Considering the fact that it is an extension of two floors to already existing two-floor house, the growth of load to building foundations pr