Office building

13. June 2020

Are you planning an extension? And have you found out current building foundation?

Ing. Matěj Machač
Ing. Matěj Machač

Extension of offices to an already existing house. The project made on the basis of materials of architectonic studio OBA2 was technically demanding. The extension itself was not really complicated, the problem appeared when we started dealing with the current building foundation. It was necessary to check if it will be sufficient. The ascertainment was not positive.

Considering the fact that it is an extension of two floors to already existing two-floor house, the growth of load to building foundations practically doubled. 

Thus, we made a hydrogeological probe of current foundations from which we found out the depth and width of foundations. Following the classification of the soil and laboratory tests determined a load capacity of soil. It was a piece of cake to calculate from this if the foundations are suitable for the new double load. And they were not. 

Thus, we designed foundations widening which sounds like a necessity for a huge building action, however, it is not so demanding task. We will explain how to do it in another article.

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