Study of bungalow and its orientation to cardinal points

13. June 2020

How to solve disposition from the point of view of the ideal amount of sunshine in all rooms

Ing. Matěj Machač
Ing. Matěj Machač

We dealt with the study in Staročernsko where it was necessary, as it is in all studies, to think up precisely the disposition so that the amount of sunshine was ideal.

Sunshine creates processes in the human body which are necessary for healthy functioning. The rooms where a person does not spend time must be placed on the place where there is the least sunshine and vice versa.

Here is the list of all rooms together with an explanation where they should be ideally placed and why:

Garage, technical room, bathroom, toilet, corridor etc. - This type of rooms does not need almost any sunshine so it is ideal to place them to north facades or the inside part of the building.

Children rooms – West is the best option because children spend most of their time in the room after school, it means from about 2 PM (in summer) till the evening. The west facade is full of sunshine from midday to sunset.

Bedroom – ideally oriented to east. It is a bit more subjective issue but in general, east is ideal mainly because of getting up. Early sunshine starts adult up for the working day. 

Living rooms – South and west. We spend most of our time in the living room, mainly in the afternoon, thus it needs most sunshine. In summer, living room oriented like this is full of sunshine from 10 AM till the evening.

Kitchen – It must be full of sunshine as well. However, it is a very common condition to have windows oriented to the entrance. You need to see visits and other people coming to the house from the kitchen. 

Terrace – Oriented to west or south. You mostly spend time there in the afternoon.

Entrance/hallway – Oriented to north or east. It is not necessary to have sunshine here.


Finally, one more advice, if you want to decide about ideal positions of the rooms yourself, we recommend using application sun surveyor that will help you.

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