How much do our services cost?

Since each project is individual, it is not possible to write down how much our services cost in general. It is necessary to meet in person either in our office or at the place of the building site, discuss everything, find out your requests and based on real needs determine the cost of work.


We will make the project documentation for building permit in such a detailed way that it is possible to build according to it. Thus, it is a bit more expensive than common project documentation for a building permit but much cheaper than detailed documentation.

This graph can help you to at least estimate the price of our services:


We approach our projects so that they are really usable at a building site. It means that we do not make projects "only to pass building permit". Each client demands different quality, you will primarily find elaborated projects by us that are not overpriced though.

"Investment of tens of thousands to the preparation of building will save hundreds of thousands during its realization!"


Each project must start with a study. The study serves as means of agreement between designer and investor about what exactly will be designed.

Project documentation for building permit

Project documentation for building permit is made in the way comprehensible to officers but you should not build according to it.

Detailed documentation

Detailed documentation should be done after receiving a building permit and it is the documentation according to which you should build.