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We carry out project documentation in all project phases

We carry out project documentation in all project phases

Architectonic study – layout and architectonic solution
Project documentation for a zoning permit, building permit, building performance
Project documentation of real building performance (building passport), alteration in use, supplementary building permit
Securing of complete turnkey projects
We secure all communication with authorities

We secure all communication with authorities

Find out all that is needed
Visit various institutions
Spend hours waiting without knowing where you stand
Let us take care of all unpleasant worries and devote yourself only to what you want to do
We deal with technical, material and visual design

We deal with technical, material and visual design

We create complex projects
We focus on each issue.
We will create or secure everything needed for a quality project.
Item budget and bill of quantities

Item budget and bill of quantities

Item budget and bill of quantities will tell you how much the building performance will actually cost.
If you build yourself, you will find out accurately how much you can save by crossing out work items you do yourself.
You will get more offers thanks to giving an item budget to the building company that will have much less work with the quote. Thus, you will have the possibility to choose from a wider range of companies.


If you have some problems with an already built property and you do not know or you are not sure how to solve them we provide technical advice and recommendations. If the problem is not of technical character, we will discuss legislative and building issues. It means that if for example your property is not correctly recorded by authorities, we will help you to put everything in order. We need the current state of the property (so called passport). We will measure and draw.
New Building

New Building

You are building a new property and you want some assistance. We will make a study (what the building will look like), we will project technical documentation (according to which it will be built), we will deal with the authorities about everything (we will secure all documents and opinions of all concerned subjects), we will recommend quality companies and craftsmen.
Dealing with Authorities

Dealing with Authorities

If the completed building is not coincident with the project, we will make as-built drawing which is necessary for final approval. We will lead you through the final approval process.
All Documents Belonging to Properties

All Documents Belonging to Properties

Do you need an energetic card, fire report, static opinion, architectonic visualization, radon presence report or hydrogeological opinion, we secure all documents.
Budgets and Price Calculations

Budgets and Price Calculations

We prepare price calculations. Do you want to know how much the reconstruction, new building or any modification of your property will cost? We will make a bill of quantities, find out how long it will take to realize given action and how much material will be needed. We will calculate the total cost of the realization. These types of calculations save a huge amount of money when you are selecting the building company. You have the material which tells you how much it should cost and thus, it cannot happen that you select a company that would do the work at a higher price than it should actually cost.
Investment Project and Advisory Centre

Investment Project and Advisory Centre

Do you need to discuss the investment project? Are you buying a plot and you need to verify if the price is adequate? You want to build or reconstruct a property. Are you buying a property? We will give you advice and tell you our expert opinion, we will make a feasibility study.
  • Reconstruction project
  • New building project
  • Study of the grant Nová zelená úsporám (ascertainment of advantageousness)
  • Arrangement of the grant Nová zelená úsporám
  • Study of the house
  • Simple visualization
  • Realistic visualization
  • Video of the future house
  • Geometrical plan
  • Project of detached house for building permit
  • Detail design
  • Card of energetic demand of the building (PENB)
  • Static calculations
  • Project of self-contained garage and parking place
  • Project of summerhouse in the garden
  • Fence and fencing project
  • Passive house project
  • Project of building modifications before its completion
  • Building passport
  • Arrangement of building permit (including pre-engineering)
  • Bill of quantities
  • Item budget
  • Radon measuring
  • Cesspool project
  • Water connection project
  • Canalization connection project
  • Electric connection project
  • Gas connection project + gas piping
  • Water distribution in the house
  • Electricity distribution in the house
  • Canalization distribution in the house
  • Exclusion from the agricultural land fund
  • Noise study
  • Hydrogeological research
  • Sewage treatment project
  • Project of the well
  • Building financing
  • Study of the garden
  • Interior design
  • Design according to Feng shui rules