Procedure of Building Design | PROJEKCE MACHAČ

9 points of our cooperation procedure

Today - the first appointment
we will deal with the cooperation procedure
we will show you the work of "Projekce Machač"and explain particular services
you will describe your investment intention briefly
we will form a demand together and specify which services you require
1 week
Creation of price quote
you will receive the price quote via email
we will let you know when we are going to start your project
we will specify payment conditions
you will approve/reject the cooperation, if necessary you will specify what to add or cross out from the offer
first payment
you will pay the deposit 1/3 of the whole sum
1 - 3 months
The second appointment
we will explain and sign the contract
we will fill in the form for study creation together
we will visit your plot or house intended for reconstruction
2 - 4 weeks
Concept introduction and its adjustments
we will show you object ground plans and alternatively the 3D model
we will explain why everything is projected as it is
you will know a rough estimate of property price
you will tell us your opinion and we will make adjustments
1 - ? months
depends on the speed of processing in state offices
Handing over the study and local planning statement
we will give you one study in printed and electronic version (pdf format)
we will also give you a document with the statement of the local planning department
1 - 3 months
Handing over the small project
you will get drawings of ground plans, sections, views, situation and technical report
in addition, there will be an exact calculation of building/reconstruction price
provision of contacts to companies and craftsmen
second payment
you will pay 2/3 of the whole sum
What is it a Small Project?
A small project is a project we have started working on, thus, an unfinished project. However, it is elaborated to such an extent that it is possible to count on its basis how much the building realization will cost. Thus, you will get an item budget together with the small project which will contain complete building costs. As the small project is not finished yet, it is possible to make alterations in the project so that we can adjust the building costs and you will pay almost nothing for the project change.
2 - ? weeks
depends on the speed of processing in state offices
Whole project processing and engineering
we will work hard on all your requests so that it is prepared as soon as possible
we will deal with all opinions (hygiene, environment,..)
we will file for building permit and we will deal with the local authority
1 - 3 months
Handing the project over and potentional arrangement of further cooperation
we will give you 1x project in printed version with the opinion of local authority
the whole project in electronic version (pdf) together with all the opinions
third payment
you will pay 3/3 of the whole sum
we can agree on further cooperation and set an hourly rate for help with the choice of building company, building site inspection, final inspection assistance
target = use of the building
Building and supervision
we will visit your building site and check if it is built according to the project
we will help you to deal with the final inspection
you will pay us for inspection and assistance with the final inspection